The goal of Olope-projects is to contribute artistic expertise to a larger area of society-building developments. Olope works in a sphere that spans art, architecture and landscaping.

Some of the projects that Olope has been involved in are:

  • The Slussen design competition. In collaboration with teams such as HMXW-Architectures, General Architecture, and others. Our proposal ‘Vidd’ (‘Sight’) was awarded one of the honors.
  • Olope was invited to the housing and urban-planning competition (together with General Architecture) for Baltic, Mariehäll, Stockholm. At the Stockholm Art Fair 2004, we presented a portion of this collaboration’s process.
  • Norra Stadsberget (‘The City’s Northern Mountain’) in Sundsvall, Bure – a sculpture and landscape project. In collaboration with Nivå landskapsarkitektur (Nivå Landscapearchitecture) and and Ramboll.
  • Artistic perspectives on the overall shape of Årstastråk. For Stockholm Art and Stockholm City Development Administration.