We participated in the 2020 Verbier Art Summit, organized in partnership with acclaimed museum director Jessica Morgan, Nathalie de Gunzburg Director of New York's Dia Art Foundation.
This year's theme was 'Resource Hungry: Our cultured landscape and it's ecological impact.'

NOD (‘NODE’) – lookout and landmark – Nynäshamn

A (non-actualized) assignment for the Swedish Transport Administration and the municipality of Nynäshamn.

NOD is part of the design of route 73 from Stockholm to Nynäshamn. According to the parkway concept, this road is created for the journey to be an experience in the landscape. There must be places of interest, view-points, and pleasant rest-stops.

NOD fulfills the function of these necessities by providing observation decks along the roadway. At the same time, NOD is also a stopping point for cyclists along the winding cycle lane between Stockholm and Nynäshamn.

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